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Address: 1142 Morrison Dr,
Charleston, SC 29403

Phone: 843-720-7360

Business Hours: 8:00a-5:00p M-F

List of Officers

Name Position Work Cell Cell Office Email
Charles Brave Pres. 843-906-7893 843-270-3488 843-720-7362 [email protected]
Benjamin Flowers, Jr. Vice Pres. 843-906-8132 843-303-8638 843-720-7360 x-5 [email protected]
Yvette Flowers Sec/Treas. 843-452-4444 843-720-7360 x-6 [email protected]
Duane Simmons Chief Delegate 843-709-7512 [email protected]
Caliph Hanesworth Recording Secretary 843-813-3232 843-720-7360 x-3 [email protected]
Bernard Parker 843-642-3779 [email protected]
Marquette Mapp 843-817-1878 [email protected]
Allen Rouse, Jr. 843-847-0285 [email protected]
Sterling Shine 843-509-6466 [email protected]
Corey Holmes 843-364-3929 [email protected]

Junior Executive Board Members

Regina A. Bozier
Antron Gadsden
Joris Manigault
Pamela R. Middleton
Christopher Wright

Our Location

1142 Morrison Dr,
Charleston, SC 29403