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"United in Strength, Anchored in Excellence"

- I.L.A. Local 1422

Welcome to I.L.A. Local 1422, a vital arm of the International Longshoremen’s Association, North America’s largest maritime workers’ union. Rooted in a rich tradition of solidarity and strength, Local 1422 proudly stands as part of a collective that represents over 70,000 skilled longshoremen.

Our members are spread across key maritime locations including the Atlantic and Gulf Coasts, the Great Lakes, and major U.S. rivers, extending our influence and commitment to excellence in maritime labor to Puerto Rico and Eastern Canada.

At Local 1422, we uphold the ILA’s legacy of dedicated service, ensuring the highest standards of professionalism and advocacy in the maritime industry.

Rich Heritage

Tracing back to 1892, the ILA stands as North America’s premier maritime workers’ union, symbolizing strength and unity.

Safety Focus

Highlighting the crucial ‘Tracking Damages’ initiative, we emphasize the importance of proper container handling for job security.

Proud Legacy

Proudly affiliated with prominent labor organizations, our union boasts a longstanding history of accomplishments and solidarity.

Rights Advocacy

Committed to civil rights, the ILA ensures fair and equitable treatment for all members, championing justice in the workforce.